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The story

Four Dutch students had the idea for the StackUp a few years ago and made a simple wooden prototype. Macek Technika redesigned the product for injection molding so the StackUp could be made in large quantities for an attractive price.


We made several prototypes for testing the different sizes of preformed potato chips and Ilse, our product designer, almost got crazy by measuring hundreds of preformed chips. Developing a good functional product takes time and needs patience !!

Bring it to the market

Because everyone was enthusiastic about the StackUp our director went to Geneva in October 2012 to present the product to the biggest manufacturer of preformed potato chips in the world. Also these people were absolutely thrilled about the product, but after a few months they decided not to invest in the StackUp because they had no budget for this at that time. We had to find another way to bring the StackUp to the world. Because Kickstarter was launched in the Netherlands in April 2014 we decided to present the StackUp on Kickstarter.

Available colors


Kickstarter is the ideal platform to get products that require a large investment, like the StackUp, to market and available for you! So what about the money? The funding will be used for:

  • Production tooling for injection molding the StackUp. See Wikipedia for more info on this process:

  • Raw material costs of plastic

  • Manufacturing the StackUp

  • Packaging and shipping costs


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